Best Online Casinos

A lot goes into determining exactly which casinos should earn the title “the best online casinos”. It’s not just about having the best games anymore. The best UK slots sites also offer the generous bonuses, promotions, security and customer service. They are licensed by a respected regulatory group like eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance) and are powered by a big-time operator like Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology, etc.

The best online casinos offer a variety of games like video and classic slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and other table games. Some casinos specialize in slots, offering hundreds of different slot games. If you like to play a little bit of everything, there are plenty of great online casinos for that as well. The software operators have a big hand in determining what games go on the site, so find one that specializes in the types of casino games you like best. Continue reading

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive II Online Slot Review

In May 2009, NetEnt wowed us with Dead or Alive. This highly-volatile video slot transported us to a world of rugged outlaws, crime-busting sheriffs and sharp-shooting cowboys. With awesome graphics and epic payout potential, it won the praise of game critics and players alike, and quickly found itself on every online casino’s most-wanted list.

When news broke of a sequel almost a decade later, excitement levels were high amongst the world’s die-hard DOA fans. But does Dead or Alive II live up to the hype? Here’s what we think now we’ve had the chance to spin it for ourselves.

Feel and Theme

In terms of style, Dead or Alive II has the same Old West-theme as its predecessor. However, the graphics and sounds are much sharper.

Expect to see 3D symbols like sheriff badges, pistols, cowboy hats and whisky bottles on the reels, and hear a wicked Western soundtrack playing as you spin. Even the outlaws that starred in the original slot – Billy the Kid, Jesse James, etc. – have had bit of a makeover; they now look a lot tougher, and far less cartoonish, than we remember. Continue reading

Spin back time: discover the history of the slot machine

If you’re looking for thrills, why not join the millions of people hitting the slots? Nothing beats spinning reels of these snazzy gambling machines for the chance to win huge jackpot prizes. These days, you can get access to hundreds and hundreds of online video slots at just the few taps of a screen, from classics like Starburst and Cleopatra to new movie tie-ins like Jumanji. But how did our love of online slots come about?

It all began in 1895, when an inventor named Charles Fey unveiled the Liberty Bell. Granted, the Liberty Bell wasn’t anything like the online slots you see today – it featured just 3 reels, 1 win line and a mechanical lever you had to physically pull to spin –, but it proved hugely popular in the bars of Fey’s hometown of San Francisco. So popular, in fact, that it wasn’t long before copycat machines started appearing across the world. Continue reading

Top Scratch Card Games

Are you someone who likes to take a punt on a scratch card or two when picking up groceries? If so, rather than peering into the cabinet and rushing to choose a card (there’s always a queue behind) and messing up your nails scratching the card, why not step into the 21st century and get your cards online?

Thanks to the fact that many online casinos have added these games to their collections, satisfying your need for a scratch card has never been easier. Here are 5 of the best scratch card games on offer, enjoy!

Dr Love

The Doctor is in! Inspired by the classic Carry On films, the symbols here are a collection of brilliant hospital and care-themed delights. To top it all off, there’s a coy cartoon nurse and the dashing Dr Love himself who is worth a whopping 1000x your initial bet! Top top it off, the inclusion of an autoplay function is a great addition, making repeated visits to the love doctor very easy!

Gunslinger’s Gold

All fans of the Western genre should head over to try this epic little masterpiece for something a little different. Rival Gaming (the creators) have introduced a fun little mechanic where you click and drag your mouse (or alternatively your finger if you are using a mobile or a tablet) to ‘scratch’ the card just as you would with a real paper one. It’s an excellent little addition which adds a special something, whilst guaranteeing no rubbery residue! Continue reading

We know your game…

Okay, okay, perhaps we don’t but it’s a good idea for you to figure out what sort of online gaming suits you, as it could set you up for a large windfall in the future!

If you thought about it for long enough, you’d probably be able to work out which approach to gaming would work best for you but where’s the fun in that? We’ve put together a list of different types of games for you, so you can have a quick read and see which one matches closest to your type of personality! Simple.

by Images_of_Money

by Images_of_Money

1 – Some people just seem to be really lucky when it comes to scratch cards. There’s usually one person in a family or circle of friends who just has the luck on their side and is always popping out for a scratch card and coming back with £20 in the pocket. You know the type! Maybe it’s you. And if you’re sat there nodding your head in agreement then perhaps it’s time you visited an online casino that offers some exciting scratch card action!

2 – Others are more ‘numbers’ people and are generally better when it comes to playing poker. Now, you might be sat there thinking that maths was never your strong point at school – and you wouldn’t be alone in that – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that poker isn’t your game. It’s true that a lot of the best players were maths students, but you just have to get your head around one area of mathematics to improve your poker game – probability. Now, if you’re any good at that, you might just be a natural when it comes to calling on the flop, turn and river!

3 – And then there’s the big one: online casino games. Of course, on the front of it, there isn’t much skill involved with games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and the like. Perhaps there isn’t, but some people just seem to have the knack when it comes to playing them. It’s probably got something to do with these folk having a much higher tolerance to risk taking. After all, you’ve got to place a lot of faith in fate when it comes to these games. But, as we all know, for all those who have won big, there’s more who have come away from the tables much worse off than they started. You’ve got to be careful at the casino!

4 – There’s also mobile gaming, which is perfect for the type of person who can concentrate while they’re on the go. A lot of us need pure concentration when it comes to gaming, and can’t be distracted or we’ll be put off our flow! But if you’re the sort who can concentrate and make important calls, even in a public space, then mobile gaming can be a fun way to break up your travel time or even when you’re waiting for friends to arrive at the pub!

5 – Last but not least there’s the old classic: bingo! Everyone loves a bit of bingo, even if they don’t like to admit it very often. Most of the balls have a funny name attached to them, which makes it fun just to play without even winning! It’s really about luck, of course, but if there is a skill here it’s the ability to keep your ears out for all the numbers without missing one. If you do, that could be curtains on your chance of winning big, and you’d be far from top of the shop then!

Luck or Skill? The story of a serial winner

Have you ever had a win on the scratch cards and felt like you’re the luckiest person alive? The answer is probably no, but imagine how lucky you would feel if you had FOUR wins which totalled around £13 Million…

This is exactly what happened to a lady in the US called Joan Ginther. This woman started out by winning $5.4 Million, which must have set her up pretty well, but then ten years later she scooped another $2 Million win.


As if this wasn’t good enough, two years after this she went on to rake in another $3 million! The icing was well and truly put on the cake in the summer of 2010 when she hit a $10 Million jackpot!

Now how lucky is that? Well we can tell you, the odds of this happening are said to be 1 in 18 septillion, it’s also said that luck like this would only be likely to occur once every quadrillion years. These are all totally incomprehensible numbers.

How about this is too lucky to be luck? What if this is actually some form of cheating? A professor of ‘Gambling and Commercial Gaming’ from the University of Navada says, ‘When something this unlikely happens in a casino, you arrest them and ask questions later’, this quote says a lot.

There are said to be numerous ways in which the system behind the scratchcards can make it possible to determine with accuracy where the winning cards will be placed.

Behind the sort of system that generates scratchcards there will be an algorithm which determines how many winning tickets to print and on which print out of cards to place them. Now if you can work that out, and you have knowledge of where the tickets in question are going to be shipped, you could be onto a winner, literally.

Determining the location of a winning card would probably more difficult on an online scratchcard, of course, if you fancy your chances you can spin the wheel for up to 500 slot spins at this site which offers bingo games and slots. We suggest you don’t though, as you’ll probably lose. Continue reading

Bold and Beautiful Scratchcard Game Review

Are you a big fan of daytime drama? If so, then for sure you have tuned in to one of the hottest and longest-running soaps in American TV, Bold and the Beautiful. The show is filled with lies, lust, affairs and dirty little secrets that give chills down your spine with each and every episode you get to watch. But what if you can also feel the show’s vibe and use it to win big money through the Bold and Beautiful scratchcard game. Yes, your favorite soap is now found in a scratchcard form.

This game may have a cheesy theme, but it doesn’t mean that it could no longer give you the thrill excitement like that in other scratchcard games. The Bold and Beautiful scratchcard is actually a lot of fun, not only for those who are fans of the show, but as well as to those who are just into playing scratchcards for the sense of good time.

The Concept

The Bold and Beautiful scratchcard game focuses on the characters of the show, and the backdrop consists of a city skyline similar to the opening credits of the soap. At the start of the game, you are given a picture of one of the featured characters of the show, and you have to get at least three of that character’s pictures out of the nine covered frames on the card. Once you hit the “show all” button, the pictures of the characters will be revealed.

What makes this scratchcard different from other formats is that you get to feel that you are really part of the Beverly Hills circuit, which is the main setting of the show. Each revelation of the frames not only equates to a prize, but more like you are unraveling the secrets of each featured character in the game.

Bold and Beautiful Scratchcard

Betting and Winning

In Bold and Beautiful scratchcard game, the minimum bet you can place on each card is €/£ 0.10, which is the standard prize for most scratchcards around. This rate makes it easier for you to put wagers, because you can start low and progress to bigger bets later on. The maximum bet that you can make for each card is €/£ 90.

The maximum jackpot for this game is a whopping €/£ 100,000, and yes, this serves as your strongest drive to continue playing. Smaller prizes are determined by a number of factors, one of which is amount of bet you’ve made, and the corresponding prize amount represented by each of the characters featured on the game.


If you are looking for a way to get rid of boredom and at the same time earn good money with just a few spins, then the Bold and Beautiful scratchcard game would be the best choice for you. You also get entertained by the twisted vibe of the game as it can also be viewed as a side story of the show. And yes, this game is also a good place for you to practice playing on scratchcard chances, especially when you are looking for strategies to win bigger earnings in such games.

Types of Bingo Bonuses

Sign Up/No Deposit Bingo Bonus

This is the very first bingo bonus that comes your way from the bingo sites who offer this and is absolutely FREE, yours without inputting your credit card details (excluding a few rare cases) and can be as little as £1 or as much as £20 once you sign up! The average no deposit sign up bonus is likely to be £5 or £10, with anything above that being somewhat of a rarity. I did however find a great free bingo bonus for you that is above what is usually offered by online bingo sites.

Welcome Bonus

After you have spent that fab free bonus cash playing real bingo games for real cash, you will then need to make a deposit if you ever want to see the fruits of your bingo labor whizzing from your account into your real bank! Unlike the Free No Deposit Bonus which is not available at every single bingo site the Welcome Bonus certainly is! The typical welcome bonus is 100% of whatever you deposit but there are a good few sites that go above and beyond this. You’ll find the likes of 150%, 200%, 300% and in some rarer cases 400% and 500% – I have yet to see any one exceed 500%.

Re-Deposit Bonuses

The Re-deposit Bonus works exactly like your Welcome Bonus with the only difference being that it´s much less. Typically around the 20-50% mark, again you will receive roughly 20-50% of whatever you deposit AFTER your first deposit.

Bingo Bonuses

Cash-Back Bonus

Again Cash-Back bonuses work like Welcome and Re-Deposit Bonuses, only this time instead of being a percentage of what you deposit, it’s a percentage of what you LOSE! This is a rare little gem offered only by a handful of bingo sites as an added perk.

Refer a Friend Bonus

This too is an added extra, though it is more common than Cash-Back. Bingo sites love to get more players on board, so they offer this as an incentive for you to invite your pals! Some sites give you a free £5, some £10 and some mega generous sites give £15. Some give you bingo bonus points with which to spend on some risk-free bingo play.

VIP Bonuses

This is more little extras that head your way when you earn enough loyalty points to become a VIP member. These loyalty points are basically points that are rewarded to you whenever you spend real cash on a bingo ticket or wager a certain amount of real cash on instant games. Rack these up and you will become a VIP and see yourself open to tonnes of extra bingo bonuses like bigger deposit bonuses and bigger jackpots. Continue reading

Rediscovering the Thrill of Scratch Cards

Are you an old school scratch cards player that left the scene because it got boring? Or maybe you still pick up a few scratch cards here and there but you can’t seem to get back into it? If you’re feeling like the magic of scratch cards is gone, it’s definitely time to rediscover the thrill of scratch cards.

The best way to do that is to go online. You might think that going online would be silly because you don’t get to scratch the paper with a coin to reveal your prizes, but there really are some good things to be said about playing scratch cards online. For one, you don’t have the mess of papers everywhere. If you’ve been trying to cut back on your paper usage in order to go green, this is just the next step. In addition, it’s also cheaper — you can purchase your cards in bulk to save money instead of feeling like you have to buy them one at a time. Of course, if you do want to buy them one at a time nobody is going to stop you from doing that.

The main point here is that the world really opens up when you try to play scratch cards online. Sometimes there are even bonus cards that are given out when you purchase in bulk. That’s getting extra chances to win for free — how cool is that?

Of course, you might feel like it’s too good to be true — there’s no way that you would be able to get extra tickets like that. It’s actually quite true, and here’s why — the scratch card markers know that if they offer you extra scratch cards, you’re going to feel very loved as a customer. That’s going to encourage you to play more scratch cards than if you were to just getting no bonus at all. Also, you have to think about the sheer volume of scratch cards these days. It’s not like you are going to be the only one that can purchase scratch cards. There are plenty of people that love playing scratchers.  This means that the online portals that sell scratch cards can get way with offering more because there’s no more need to ride thin margins the way it would be at the convenience shops around local towns. Selling products online also means less overhead — with digital products, you can literally create as many scratch cards as you want!

The time is definitely right to start thinking about rediscovering scratch cards. Going online opens you up to a wide variety of different games that are sure to get you excited all over again. Between the fun of figuring out what you won and the big payouts, there’s no way you should sit on the sidelines anymore — get started today!

The Benefits of Buying Scratch Cards Online

Whether you call them scratch cards, lottery tickets, or “the little scraps of paper you hope will be winners”, on thing is clear: there are some serious benefits to buying them online. Indeed, the rise of the Internet has made it easier than ever before to really get your hands on quality scratch cards, so why wouldn’t you buy them online?

A lot of people that haven’t ever really entered the world of gambling online might feel like it’s not safe to buy scratch cards online, but this isn’t the case at all. The truth of the matter is that all scratch card vendors know that they have to provide a safe environment or they will quickly lose business. Any type of allegation of a security breach could really cost the company a lot of money, so naturally encryption and protective measures are very big things in this space.

Yet security isn’t the only reason why you might want to buy scratchers online. The truth is that it’s a fast process to not only buy scratch cards online, but to see whether or not you’re a winner. This allows the hobbyist player to play a lot more scratch cards at once, compared to if they had to buy all of them offline.

scratch cards

Speaking of offline, when you buy scratch cards online you’re at the mercy of not only the store’s operating hours, but also the weather as well. What if you really want to play a scratch off game and it’s raining cats and dogs outside? Very few people are going to want to bring their umbrellas and go and get the tickets anyway. This means that the online scratch cards are better because they can truly be played anytime. Even if the weather’s nice, the truth is that very few people really want to have to deal with traffic unless they utterly have to. Traffic can get pretty crazy, and something like scratch cards really isn’t a necessity — though sometimes the thrill of winning can make it feel like that!

The truth is that there are a lot of benefits to playing scratch cards online. With a little planning beforehand, you shouldn’t have any problem going online to get your set of scratches today — is your set going to be the lucky winning pair? There’s really only one way to find out!