Belgians like Gambling

Nothing could be further from the truth when people talk of Belgium being a ‘sleepy’ little place tucked away somewhere in Europe. Well, maybe a little. But, you know what they say, those who work hard play even harder and that’s definitely true when it comes to the Belgians.

There are loads of cities in Belgium, each with its unique take on nightlife, culture and cuisine. With clubs open all hours of the night, swinging jazz bars and heaving traditional pubs the Belgians certainly know how to unwind after a week at work or maybe just a day at work! But the Belgians have an even bigger secret- they love a little gamble every now and then too.

In fact, Belgium has one of the largest selections of casinos in Europe, enough to tempt anyone who thinks that their luck might just be in. From low-stakes slots to high-stakes blackjack and roulette tables, the Belgian casinos have every taste covered. Most venues come as standard with top-class bars and restaurants all in breath-taking surroundings- so you’re never short on places to spend your hard-earned winnings at the slots.

One of the jewels in Belgium’s casino crown is the Kursaal Casino situated in the beautiful coastal town of Ostend. The casino itself is more than one hundred and fifty years old but was rebuilt after the Second World War. It’s a popular gambling destination for locals and visitors alike with thousands pouring through its doors every year. Like most of the casinos in Belgium it offers a wide variety of games at a range of stakes all set in amazing surroundings. Unlike most casinos in Belgium it has strong ties with Britain being that in the 1920’s many British gamblers visited the casino on holiday whilst gambling was prohibited in the UK.

Another Belgian obsessing is the weekly national lottery. For those who can’t stand the high-intensity of the gaming floor, the lottery provides a more chilled-out gaming experience that players can get involved in from the comfort of their own homes.
For those of us who like a little flutter, surely nothing could be better than playing a few hands in superb surroundings capped off with some of the world’s best beer and amazing waffles. It really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise then that one of Belgium’s biggest pass-times is hitting the tables and tempting lady luck- so be sure to check out one of the amazing casino experiences that Belgium has to offer.

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