Best Online Casinos

A lot goes into determining exactly which casinos should earn the title “the best online casinos”. It’s not just about having the best games anymore. The best UK slots sites also offer the generous bonuses, promotions, security and customer service. They are licensed by a respected regulatory group like eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance) and are powered by a big-time operator like Microgaming, Playtech, Vegas Technology, etc.

The best online casinos offer a variety of games like video and classic slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and other table games. Some casinos specialize in slots, offering hundreds of different slot games. If you like to play a little bit of everything, there are plenty of great online casinos for that as well. The software operators have a big hand in determining what games go on the site, so find one that specializes in the types of casino games you like best. Continue reading

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive II Online Slot Review

In May 2009, NetEnt wowed us with Dead or Alive. This highly-volatile video slot transported us to a world of rugged outlaws, crime-busting sheriffs and sharp-shooting cowboys. With awesome graphics and epic payout potential, it won the praise of game critics and players alike, and quickly found itself on every online casino’s most-wanted list.

When news broke of a sequel almost a decade later, excitement levels were high amongst the world’s die-hard DOA fans. But does Dead or Alive II live up to the hype? Here’s what we think now we’ve had the chance to spin it for ourselves.

Feel and Theme

In terms of style, Dead or Alive II has the same Old West-theme as its predecessor. However, the graphics and sounds are much sharper.

Expect to see 3D symbols like sheriff badges, pistols, cowboy hats and whisky bottles on the reels, and hear a wicked Western soundtrack playing as you spin. Even the outlaws that starred in the original slot – Billy the Kid, Jesse James, etc. – have had bit of a makeover; they now look a lot tougher, and far less cartoonish, than we remember. Continue reading

Spin back time: discover the history of the slot machine

If you’re looking for thrills, why not join the millions of people hitting the slots? Nothing beats spinning reels of these snazzy gambling machines for the chance to win huge jackpot prizes. These days, you can get access to hundreds and hundreds of online video slots at just the few taps of a screen, from classics like Starburst and Cleopatra to new movie tie-ins like Jumanji. But how did our love of online slots come about?

It all began in 1895, when an inventor named Charles Fey unveiled the Liberty Bell. Granted, the Liberty Bell wasn’t anything like the online slots you see today – it featured just 3 reels, 1 win line and a mechanical lever you had to physically pull to spin –, but it proved hugely popular in the bars of Fey’s hometown of San Francisco. So popular, in fact, that it wasn’t long before copycat machines started appearing across the world. Continue reading

We know your game…

Okay, okay, perhaps we don’t but it’s a good idea for you to figure out what sort of online gaming suits you, as it could set you up for a large windfall in the future!

If you thought about it for long enough, you’d probably be able to work out which approach to gaming would work best for you but where’s the fun in that? We’ve put together a list of different types of games for you, so you can have a quick read and see which one matches closest to your type of personality! Simple.

by Images_of_Money

by Images_of_Money

1 – Some people just seem to be really lucky when it comes to scratch cards. There’s usually one person in a family or circle of friends who just has the luck on their side and is always popping out for a scratch card and coming back with £20 in the pocket. You know the type! Maybe it’s you. And if you’re sat there nodding your head in agreement then perhaps it’s time you visited an online casino that offers some exciting scratch card action!

2 – Others are more ‘numbers’ people and are generally better when it comes to playing poker. Now, you might be sat there thinking that maths was never your strong point at school – and you wouldn’t be alone in that – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that poker isn’t your game. It’s true that a lot of the best players were maths students, but you just have to get your head around one area of mathematics to improve your poker game – probability. Now, if you’re any good at that, you might just be a natural when it comes to calling on the flop, turn and river!

3 – And then there’s the big one: online casino games. Of course, on the front of it, there isn’t much skill involved with games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and the like. Perhaps there isn’t, but some people just seem to have the knack when it comes to playing them. It’s probably got something to do with these folk having a much higher tolerance to risk taking. After all, you’ve got to place a lot of faith in fate when it comes to these games. But, as we all know, for all those who have won big, there’s more who have come away from the tables much worse off than they started. You’ve got to be careful at the casino!

4 – There’s also mobile gaming, which is perfect for the type of person who can concentrate while they’re on the go. A lot of us need pure concentration when it comes to gaming, and can’t be distracted or we’ll be put off our flow! But if you’re the sort who can concentrate and make important calls, even in a public space, then mobile gaming can be a fun way to break up your travel time or even when you’re waiting for friends to arrive at the pub!

5 – Last but not least there’s the old classic: bingo! Everyone loves a bit of bingo, even if they don’t like to admit it very often. Most of the balls have a funny name attached to them, which makes it fun just to play without even winning! It’s really about luck, of course, but if there is a skill here it’s the ability to keep your ears out for all the numbers without missing one. If you do, that could be curtains on your chance of winning big, and you’d be far from top of the shop then!

Strategies to select your own lottery numbers

The National lottery is probably the largest lottery in the united Kingdom and in spite of the fact that it’s been launched in 1994, it’s still very popular throughout the country. In fact, over 60% of the UK citizens are playing this lottery on consistent basis, eagerly awaiting for the wining lottery numbers that are going to change their lives for better. Yet, many people are still wondering if the lottery results could be influenced and especially, how the chances of winning could be improved.

The first thing that individuals who play at National lottery ought to keep in thoughts are that there’s not a secret formula that can help them guess the upcoming lottery results. Yet there are some strategies that they’ll use in order to increase their chances of winning. First of all, they’ve to ensure that they pick their very own number combination however they stay away from anniversaries or birthdays since this is a common choice for many players. Moreover, this virtually stops them for going higher than 31. In addition to this, it is always better to avoid patterns including zig-zags, circles or other shapes, and choose the numbers randomly.

Another interesting thing is that many times people tend to choose the past lottery results simply because they take into account that the luck will repeat. This really is a huge mistake since it is unlikely that numbers that have been drawn in the past to be drawn again, especially in the same formula. Lottery numbers should be chosen randomly, without using repeating numbers. Consecutive numbers ought to be avoided since there are unusual the situations in which you see consecutive numbers drawn. In addition to this, it is always recommended to pick both odd and even lottery numbers but combinations such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 should be avoided.

As it pertains to National lottery, players must be updated with all of the changes that occur in addition to all the lottery results. They should check them on weekly basis, especially because they have the convenience of carrying this out online. The internet expansion has a great influence on lotteries too. Apart from the possibility of checking the results, people can purchase lottery tickets online and they can get valuable pieces of specifics of the best ways to improve the winning chances. The internet is the best solution for those players who have a busy and hectic life which does not permit them to watch the drawings live. There are lots of business and organizations that capitalize on all the benefits provided by the internet expansion and National lottery will not make any exception. For players who lack time to check the results, there’s the possibility to receive them in the email box along with the newest information related to lottery games. In by doing this they are aware of the current drawings and they stay updated for the upcoming events in the National lottery. An account on the official website of the company eliminates all the hassle related with playing lottery on regular basis.

The Biggest Winners in the Game

A Unibet bonus review: The slot machine is a jukebox full of fun and entertainment. Not only does it put smiles on the faces of billions, but it also puts billions into the pockets of those very same people. If you want to turn a relatively small investment into a life-changing sum of money, then the slot machine is the gambling game of choice for you.

At the ripe old age of 92, Elmer Sherwin, won his second Megabucks jackpot in his long and illustrious life. Now that’s what you call beating the odds! Sherwin took down the inaugural Megabucks jackpot when it was launched back in 1989 for $5 million, and then dwarfed that sum when he picked up the $21 million jackpot in 2005. The odds on that happening are two and a half quadrillion to one!

The largest jackpot won in Las Vegas history was $39.7 million dollars. It was taken from a slot machine in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in March 2003. The winner was a 25-year old unidentified male who was visiting the area for the NCAA basketball competition.

But when it comes to the biggest and best slot machine jackpot stories, the Oscar has to go to the 61-year old Vietnamese businessman Ly Sam. In October 2009, Sam was playing ‘The Landord’ slot machine #13 in the Palazzo Club in Ho Chi Minh City when he hit the jackpot. The top tier prize on the machine he was playing was $46,000, so imagine Sam’s surprise when the machine informed him he had won $55,542,291.70! The Palazzo management concluded that the machine had malfunctioned and offered Sam $300, and an apology, for his troubles. Sam proceeded to sue to the casino and was awarded his money in full.


The lottery roots go all the way back to the Bible in the form of “casting lots.” The first time the lottery offered cash prizes most likely originated in Florence, Italy in the 16th century. This later became known as the Lotto de Firenze and quickly spread throughout Italy. Today, Italy’s national lottery is still called Lotto with games such as Rubbellos.

When lotteries were popular in Colonial times, way before Texas Holdem was popular, they were held for things like building churches, bridges, and schools. New Hampshire help it’s first lottery in 1964, after that it spread like wildfire. The game quickly became more popular to play than the two-dollar pistol.

Despite the fact that the lottery is simply the luck of the draw, there are strategies you can put in place to increase your chances of winning. The first one would be to play; you can’t expect to win anything unless you go buy a ticket. Another popular strategy is based on mathematics and logic. Learning techniques like tracking, wheeling, and pooling will improve your odds.

Some other methods players use to pick numbers are odd/even analysis, pairs/doubles analysis, pick 3 and pick 4 positions, and sector analysis. The tips for playing the lottery are similar to those of other gambling related games, make a budget and play smart. Specific tips for the lottery are be cautious about wins and losses, either way its considered additional income and needs to be reported to the IRS, pick up your own tickets and don’t buy them for others, and don’t try to play out of state lotteries when you aren’t in that state. The post office has a regulation against sending unplayed lottery tickets. Stick to your state and your own tickets.

Progressive Slots in Australia Are Truly A BIG Deal – Find Out Why!

It’s time to talk about something that we absolutely adore. We have to talk about progressive slots Australia, as they are truly a big deal. Okay, let’s back up a little bit before we get too terribly excited. The truth is that slots isn’t something that people don’t really think about. They usually just assume that slots are what old people play. Now, we’re not trying to make fun of older people or anything like that, but slots is really open to everyone. So if you think that only your grandmother is interested in slots, you really have another thing coming. What you need to know right here, right now is that slots can be much more lucrative than you think. In fact, it’s better than poker.

Yes, we said it — slots can be a lot better than poker. There’s no big time thinking involved. You don’t have to feel like you’re locked out of something just because you’re not willing to learn a bunch of rules. Even though poker can be fun to play, you will still be limited in how high you can go unless you’re willing to really get serious about poker. If you’re just trying to pass away the time on a slow weekend, you might not want to learn that much poker. You might want to just rest at home and let everything else drift by. It would be a lot better to do this than to think that you’re just going to have to deal with boredom. Nobody, and we mean nobody, really wants to deal with boredom.

Progressive slots attract attention because they rack up big time jackpots. Could winning the big jackpot change your life? Absolutely. Getting millions of dollars worth of your home currency can definitely change your life. But you really can’t win if you don’t play. Gear up for the big win by finding a casino today. You don’t have to marry this casino and stay with it forever. But the first casino you pick will help you find out what you like and don’t like. You get to figure out what really speaks to you. You get to figure out what you ultimately wish to do and what you don’t want to do. That’s just the way it goes these days.

It’s completely up to you to find your path, but we think that progressive slots really do make all the difference. Check it out today!

It’s the Holidays – Why Aren’t You Playing the Lottery

Trying to get through the holiday season can be rough if you’re just marking time. It’s cold, the sun’s not out, and this can really play with your mood. Why does it always feel like people never get along during the holidays? It’s a mix of being the most wonderful time of the year and the most stressful time of the year. What you do with your time really does matter — and it’s time to take a break.

That’s right, we said it — you have to take breaks. You’ll be asking for trouble if you don’t. There’s something important about knowing when to take a break and when to push full steam ahead. Don’t worry, with what we’re suggesting, you’re not going to be able to just keep trucking along — you’re going to have a great time, whether you like it or not.

The holiday season is a fine time to play the lottery in your country. For one, you’ve probably seen a few holiday promotions about it. This is the best time because the lottery is everywhere you look. That means that there’s a lot more competition…but this means that jackpots tend to be higher.

Remember that the lottery is a quick way that could really make you a lot of money. It’s no investment strategy, to be sure, but who doesn’t want to feel special? That’s the feeling that you get when you play the lottery. You know that you’re part of something.

Many people just finished playing the lottery before this, and they might be feeling discouraged. As the jackpot pools again, you start feeling like it’s time to just watch from the sidelines. This isn’t true at all. If you don’t play, you can’t win anything.

Step back and just have a little fun with it. Dream big. If you really want to increase your chances of winning and you aren’t afraid to split the pot with other people, building an office lottery pool could be a good idea. Just check the laws of your country to see whether or not this is valid — you don’t want to be cheated out o your share before it’s even here! Good luck and have fun!

Getting Started with Blackjack

Blackjack is a very easy card game to play, in fact, most people actually learn to play as children or young adults. If you can tally numbers between 1 and 11 and count as high as 21, blackjack should be a really easy game for you to learn to play.

Before all of the fancy varieties of blackjack offered around the world today, there was single deck blackjack, which is simply put, just blackjack played with a single deck of cards. Today Blackjack is still played with as few as as one deck of cards however, it’s also played with as many as 8.

Most commonly blackjack is played with six decks of regular playing cards. Single deck blackjack today is a rarity, and the most advantageous for the player. Double deck blackjack is about as close to single as you can find now, and even those games are few and far between.

One advantage to using multiple decks is that there are fewer game interruptions for shuffling, however, the real reason casinos like to use more decks of cards is to disable would-be card counters. Even so, players using an optimum blackjack strategy still have a small edge over the casino, not a stupendous edge, but enough to earn a decent profit over time.

The reason for that is that blackjack card counting really isn’t that difficult, and when card counting is used as a part of a solid strategy, in a game with only one blackjack deck, the house, or casino cannot profit. In fact, they lose big.

The point of of the game of blackjack is to add together all of the cards dealt to you in order to reach 21, or as close to 21 as you can get without busting, or going over.

Blackjack Format

Blackjack is a multi-player game, however the players are not on a team and they don’t play against each other. Although there can be several players all playing with the same deck of cards, each player is playing individually against the dealer.

To win your hand must be better, or higher than the dealers. If the dealer is dealt 21 he wins, and if your hand matches the dealers, that’s a push and no one wins.

Blackjack can be played with just one player playing against the dealer or 2 or more players playing against a dealer. The players are not opponents however, each player is individually playing against the dealer.

A hand of Single Deck Blackjack

The hand begins when the dealer deals each player at the table two cards. The first card will be dealt face down, and the second face up. If you were counting cards, you’d want to include those face-up cards in your count.

If the dealer is dealt a ten or an ace, he will briefly check his cards for a blackjack. If the dealer has 21, no matter what the player has, the dealer wins and a new hand begins.

We’ll assume for now that the dealer was not dealt 21, and the hand continues. The player now checks his/her hand for a blackjack (meaning a and totalling 21). If the player does have 21, they turn their cards over and announce blackjack.

If the player does not have 21 play continues. At this point the player can opt to take another card from the dealer, or stay with just the two cards he was originally dealt. The player can come to this decision using blackjack strategy or card counting methods, common sense, or just on a whim. When the player reaches 22, or decides to stand, the play moves onto the next player or the dealer.

If the player busts by reaching a number higher than 21, that player loses that hand.

If the player wants more cards, he asks for a hit, or taps his cards on the table if he’s playing a live hand of blackjack. When playing online blackjack there’s a button to push for another card, usually labeled ‘hit’.

If the player is content with his hand he opts to stand, taking no more cards, the hand gesture for this in a live casino is a wave over the players hand.

The dealer doesn’t have the same freedoms however, the dealer must follow rules for hand play that are set in advance. Commonly the dealer hits on 16 and stands on 17. Those numbers do vary though and can generally be found posted on the blackjack table.