Celebrity Bingo

As the bingo craze sweeps the nation it’s nice to know that it’s not just us mere mortals who have caught the bug. Yes, that’s right, celebrities are also bingo mad and it’s not hard to see why! After a hard day of hiding from the paparazzi, shopping, partying and whatever else it is celebrities do, it must be nice to log on to the anonymity of a bingo website or throw a party for all your other celebrity friends.

One of the many famous bingo party hosts is Catherine Zeta-Jones who is said to love a game; we can all just imagine Michael Douglas calling out the numbers! Simon le Bon and Mick Jagger are also said to regularly host and attend bingo parties. Robbie Williams is not a name most would usually associate with the bingo hall, but this Stoke born lad is said to regularly enjoy a game of 90 ball bingo at a famous friend’s party or a hip London bingo hall when he’s not on tour. Another famous face you might bump into while visiting a bingo hall in Essex is Denise Van Outen, who is so mad about bingo that she has also convinced many co-stars to join her in the bingo hall. If you want to know more, why don’t you read the latest games here?

It seems the famous also love the online version of the game, with both Kerry Katona and Katie Price being ambassadors for sites. Another celebrity keen to endorse bingo and get rid of that ‘old folk’ stereotype that often surrounds the game is Sharon Osborne. Sharon, as well as being the face of a famous bingo hall, even has her own bingo information website; now that’s dedication to the game!

It’s not just bingo celebrities who can enjoy a good game of Bingo – every person, no matter what their age, gender or fame can relax and have fun playing this great game. So next time you pop down to your local bingo hall or log onto your favourite site you never know just who you might be chatting to.