Gaming Club technology explosion

The Australian gambling industry has shown some very healthy growth over the last five years and continues to grow. The expansion of the online casino services has attracted many new fans, particularly in the sports betting sector.

The added excitement of betting while an event is in play has resulted in a surge of 14.7% in sports betting. It is now regarded by many as very much a part of the thrill of a live sporting event to place bets according to how the game is going. Industry research by business analysts IBISWorld shows that this new way of enjoying sport is particularly popular with young professionals.

This is most likely because this group are also the most familiar with the online and mobile technology that enables fast reactions to live events via their mobile devices. Mobile casino Australia services are now exceptionally sophisticated, allowing real time interaction for anyone able to connect. Add this to the capability of smartphones and you have a punter’s dream come true as this enables full interaction at any location. Traditional casino games are still the main attraction though, with poker being the single biggest revenue stream for the industry. Players are making the most of the benefits of online play and multi-player options like online poker tournaments, as well as playing blackjack, slots and roulette using the internet.

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