Spin back time: discover the history of the slot machine

If you’re looking for thrills, why not join the millions of people hitting the slots? Nothing beats spinning reels of these snazzy gambling machines for the chance to win huge jackpot prizes. These days, you can get access to hundreds and hundreds of online video slots at just the few taps of a screen, from classics like Starburst and Cleopatra to new movie tie-ins like Jumanji. But how did our love of online slots come about?

It all began in 1895, when an inventor named Charles Fey unveiled the Liberty Bell. Granted, the Liberty Bell wasn’t anything like the online slots you see today – it featured just 3 reels, 1 win line and a mechanical lever you had to physically pull to spin –, but it proved hugely popular in the bars of Fey’s hometown of San Francisco. So popular, in fact, that it wasn’t long before copycat machines started appearing across the world.

The machines got more sophisticated as technology advanced. By the 1960s, we had the electromechanical slot. By the 1970s, we had the video slot. And finally, in the mid-1990s, we had the first online slot.

Online slots have continued to evolve since then, and continue to wow players with more reels, more paylines and more bonus features than early gamblers could have ever imagined. You can discover over 400 of the latest and greatest online slots right now at Vegas Luck, one of the most popular online casinos.