The Incredible Odds of the EuroJackpot lottery

For many lottery players out there the key to a good game of lotto lie in the odds of winning the game offers. The newest big lottery to come into being is the Euro Jackpot, and it’s competitive odds look to be setting a new standard for multi-national lottery games. Beginning it’s ticket sales on the 17th March for it’s very first draw on the 23rd of March, the Euro Jackpot odds have already been calculated. Not just for the jackpot prize but for the several other cash prize tiers as well.

For your information the game is already available for you to play online. That means that regardless of where you are from in the world, you too can get in on the chance to win the first ever Euro Jackpot prizes. The minimum jackpot that will be offered each week on a Friday is €10,000,000 and it can rollover to a maximum of €90,000,000. To win this epic jackpot you’ve got to match all 5 main numbers and 2 extra numbers, and doing so has odds of approximately 1 in 59 million.

Haven’t won the jackpot prize? Don’t worry about it and keep a hold of your ticket! There are actually a total of 12 prize categories each with different odds and requirements to meet. For instance you could win a prize of approximately €250,000,000 if you are matching all but one of your extra numbers, odds of this occurring are a massively reduced 1 in 4,943,773! Beyond that you can win a sizeable cash prize of roughly €51,417 by matching your 5 main numbers only and the chances of that happening are approximately 1 in 3,955,019.

By far the most favourable prize relative to the odds of winning it is the 3rd prize of roughly €3,164. This prize can be won by matching 4 numbers and 2 extra numbers, and the odds of doing this are a comparatively brilliant 1 in 263,668.