Types of Bingo Bonuses

Sign Up/No Deposit Bingo Bonus

This is the very first bingo bonus that comes your way from the bingo sites who offer this and is absolutely FREE, yours without inputting your credit card details (excluding a few rare cases) and can be as little as £1 or as much as £20 once you sign up! The average no deposit sign up bonus is likely to be £5 or £10, with anything above that being somewhat of a rarity. I did however find a great free bingo bonus for you that is above what is usually offered by online bingo sites.

Welcome Bonus

After you have spent that fab free bonus cash playing real bingo games for real cash, you will then need to make a deposit if you ever want to see the fruits of your bingo labor whizzing from your account into your real bank! Unlike the Free No Deposit Bonus which is not available at every single bingo site the Welcome Bonus certainly is! The typical welcome bonus is 100% of whatever you deposit but there are a good few sites that go above and beyond this. You’ll find the likes of 150%, 200%, 300% and in some rarer cases 400% and 500% – I have yet to see any one exceed 500%.

Re-Deposit Bonuses

The Re-deposit Bonus works exactly like your Welcome Bonus with the only difference being that it´s much less. Typically around the 20-50% mark, again you will receive roughly 20-50% of whatever you deposit AFTER your first deposit.

Bingo Bonuses

Cash-Back Bonus

Again Cash-Back bonuses work like Welcome and Re-Deposit Bonuses, only this time instead of being a percentage of what you deposit, it’s a percentage of what you LOSE! This is a rare little gem offered only by a handful of bingo sites as an added perk.

Refer a Friend Bonus

This too is an added extra, though it is more common than Cash-Back. Bingo sites love to get more players on board, so they offer this as an incentive for you to invite your pals! Some sites give you a free £5, some £10 and some mega generous sites give £15. Some give you bingo bonus points with which to spend on some risk-free bingo play.

VIP Bonuses

This is more little extras that head your way when you earn enough loyalty points to become a VIP member. These loyalty points are basically points that are rewarded to you whenever you spend real cash on a bingo ticket or wager a certain amount of real cash on instant games. Rack these up and you will become a VIP and see yourself open to tonnes of extra bingo bonuses like bigger deposit bonuses and bigger jackpots.

Why are Bingo Sites so Generous?

Because they want you to play with them above all the other hundreds of thousands bingo sites out there, of course! They know that competition is fierce, with every bingo site trying to out-do each other at every turn. Because of this, they need to keep their game well and truly up, and the best way to do this is to offer bigger and better bingo bonuses and promotions than their rivals.

Can you Win REAL Cash Using your Free Bingo Bonus?

You can absolutely win real cash using all of your free bingo bonuses – from the Free No Deposit Bingo Bonus and the free cash provided by the Welcome Bonus cash match to the Refer a Friend Bonuses – all of this is yours to use however you wish within the bingo sites, but of course you have to meet the Terms & Conditions of each individual bingo site before you are able to withdraw your cash.

Things to Check Before Playing for Real Cash

The main thing that you need to know before you start splurging that initial Free No Deposit Cash is that whilst you can indeed win some juicy jackpots using this free cash, you will never, ever be able to withdraw this cash without first meeting the wagering and depositing requirements of the bingo site in question, which is precisely why you need to read the Terms & Conditions of every single bingo site you wish to play with. This is true of any of the bonuses – even if you deposit once and receive your free cash from the cash match Welcome Bonus, this doesn’t mean that anything you win with this can be withdrawn, either. Again, you need to check the Terms & Conditions of each site.

Another thing you need to keep an eye out for is if an online bingo site has specific rules regarding their bonus policy, as you may find that some sites even have rules regarding each of the individual bonuses.