Where to Buy Your Scratch Cards

If you are buying scratch cards from a shop you may wonder whether there are some places that are better to buy from than others. This could be the case, so it is worth considering a few things.

Sometimes with scratch cards, once the jackpot prize is won, the rest of the cards in that set are taken off sale. If this is the case with the type of cards that you are playing, then you want to make sure that there are not sets of cards still on sale when the big prize has been taken as that means that you will have no chance of winning it. Larger establishments may be more likely to make sure that they adhere to these rules and take those cards off sale and so you may prefer to use them. However, you can just ask them how they find out when the jackpots have been won and how soon they get rid of those remaining cards.

You may also feel that if people have won a big prize with cards bought from particular shops, then it might reduce the chances of a card being sold at that place that wins a big prize again. This is all calculated using probability and can be quite complicated. It is likely that each card has an equal chance of winning and wherever you buy it from makes no difference. However, you may think that if someone has won when they bought a ticket from a specific place, then it is unlikely that they will sell a winning card again because there are so many different places that sell cards. It all depends on what you believe and you may want to ask when you buy your ticket, whether the shop has sold a winning card before so that you can decide whether you would rather buy one elsewhere.

So the choice is yours really and really depends on your way of thinking. You may not have considered before that there was any difference in where you buy the card and you may still not believe that it is an important factor.